Tuesday, October 16, 2012


    The train of Pelion whistles giving the slogan of an unforgettable journey on the 10 o'clock from the station of Ano Lechonia.
The ascent to the beautiful slopes of Pelion to Milies startsOne of the tightest rail lines in the world (60 centimeters) hosts 4 wagons "Moutzouri" (Smudge) as was once called the train of Pelion. The route from the Upper Lechonia village to Milies village is mountainous, across the verdant slopes, dense vegetation of trees and bushes.

  The historic train that was going through the old distance Volos - Apple, flowed over the also historic railroad whose construction began in 1892, with the first piece until Lechonia to finally surrendered in 1896. The remaining piece to Milies built then, to be operational in 1903. 

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