Friday, August 10, 2012


VOIDOMATIS.  Certainly the most beautiful route for rafting in Greece! A downhill without much difficulty cleanest river in Greece, the National Park of Vikos-Aoou. Due to the low degree of difficulty is one of the rivers that you can start in either downhill or rafting to hot - dog (inflatable boats two) if you are advanced in rafting. A typical finishing the descent to the small waterfall.

The descent becomes the gorge, between the bridges and locks Excellent, very close to sources of Voidomatis. That is why the water is drinkable (!) And very cold. Voidomatis, is considered the cleanest river in Europe with drinking water, has its source in the Vikos Gorge and the waters come from the region of Zagoria. It crosses the gorge of a path overgrown landscape and wild out on the plain of Konitsa, where encounter the crystal waters of the river Aoos .

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