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In the 2nd place among the top 20 monuments worldwide
It is one of the seven wonders of antiquity. For thousands of years is the monument trademark of our country ....
Thousands of tourists visit each site the sacred rock of the Acropolis to admire the achievement of Iktinos and Kallikratis.
In thousands of discrimination has been added another.
According to a report in CNN, the Acropolis is among the 20 best worldwide, and monuments and even holds the second place.

The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a high rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and containing the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea. It spares every kind of tourist structure as well as an exceptionally interesting natural environment. In Kefalonia you will come across to beautiful beaches, sights with historical, religion and cultural interest as well as unique natural phenomena such as the underground caves and the national park of Enos.

 The island has spectacular beaches, sandy south and pebbles in the north. The most famous beach and the island's trademark is Myrtos, with white pebbles and crystal clear waters. Starting from Argostoli, you will encounter the crowded beaches of Makris and Platis Gialos, with fine sand, canteens and bars, package-with sunbeds and umbrellas beaches Minia, Ammes, Ag.Chelis, Ligia Avythos and the beach of St. Thomas in Travliata.

In the southern part, the beaches table, Lourdes, Coast, Long Stone, Lazarus and the beaches of Skala and Kateleiou. The beach Antisamos and Karavomylos in Sami area is particularly picturesque. On the north side of the island beaches for swimming are Emplisi and Foki Fiskardo, St Euphemia and Myrtle. Finally, in western Kefalonia, meet the broad sand beaches of Petani, Megas Lakos, beach Xi strange reddish sand and beach Atheva.

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Among the cluster of the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea, east of the Cyclades and off the southwest coast of Turkey (Asia Minor, where Greeks lived since the prehistoric period, until 1922), is Leros Island. Leros is renowned for its deep, sheltered natural bays – such as the picturesque Lakki Harbour. (Its excellent harbours were the main reason that the island was highly prized strategically throughout history.) Leros is mountainous and consists of three peninsulas joined by two isthmuses, with a total area of 20 square miles, and has a population of 10,000. The Capital of Leros is Agia Marina, the old mediaeval port.

 One can take advantage of wonderful safe beaches on the east and west coasts, which are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.
It is believed that Leros and Kalymnos just to the southeast comprise the Kalydnian isles referred to by Homer, famous in ancient times for its honey and for a temple of Artemis. The island was associated in antiquity with the cult of Artemis (worship of the mother-goddess). Leros was first inhabited by Carians, succeeded by Cretans, Ionians, Byzantines and Rhodians; in 1319 it was taken over by Rhodes.

Leros has many very picturesque and attractive villages lying on its beautiful coasts. Most of those villages have fine examples of the traditional architecture of the island. Their beauty is increased by the fact that they have kept their authentic and traditional colours. Accommodations and taverns are available in all the villages of the sland and various other touristy facilities can be found in the touristy resorts and in the lovely capital.


 KAMMENA VOURLA . Therme getaways
Most come here for the spas, the sandy beaches, the excellent infrastructure of a renowned spa destination as such has been featured in recent decades ... The most hip and looking but know what lies behind the "showcase". the magic of a unique landscape painting, the still intact nature, history and memories of this special place, the silent, hidden "treasures" of ...

The guests enjoyed coffee and meals on the seafront overlooking the boats swaying lazily in the strong currents of the Evian Gulf. A little farther on organized beaches in the first place have diving, sunbathing, laughing the nipper who build sand castle ... Pictures lazier everyday in a place that is considered one of the most popular summer resorts in Central Greece.

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Alonnisos (Greek: Αλόννησος), also transliterated as Alonissos or Alonisos, is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. After Skiathos and Skopelos it is the third member of the Northern Sporades. It is 3 km (2 nm) E of the island of Skopelos. Alonnisos is also the name of a village on the island, as well as the municipality that encompasses the island and the village.
The village of Alonnisos is located on the southern part of the island. It is locally known as Chora. The main port of the island is located in the southeast and is called Patitiri. There is ferry and hydrofoil service from Patitiri to Volos, Agios Konstantinos, and Thessaloniki on the mainland and to the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros. The bay at the southern end of the island is also called Alonnisos.

 Blessed with rugged natural landscapes, and surrounded by small islands scattered around the archipelagos, Alónissos is an island ideal for those you want to unwind and enjoy leisure walks surrounded by pine forests, olive groves and orchards. The island is the most remote of the Northern Sporades island group, and plays host to the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades, a refuge for rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal, monachus monachus.
“Íkos”, as was named the island in antiquity, was first inhabited by Stafylos (meaning grape), the son of Dionysus and Ariadne. This myth explains the island’s strong bonds with viticulture from ancient times until today. Urns bearing the stamp “IKION” were exported all around the ancient world confirming the island’s great fame as excellent wine-producing region. According to the myth, Pileas, the father of Achilles, was buried on Alónissos. This is the reason why the island’s second name is “Achilliodromia”. Different versions of this name have survived throughout the years: “Hiliodromia”, “Liadromia”, “Diadromia”.

 Alónissos was one of the first Islands of the Aegean to be inhabited, as indicated by Neolithic settlement remnants found at the Cape of Kokkinókastro (meaning “Red Castle”). On Yioúra Island human presence was first detected in the 9th century BC, according to findings at Cyclop’s cave.

The National Marine Park of Alonissos, Northern Sporades is a unique combination of land and sea Mediterranean habitats with hundreds of species of plants and animals, but also important archaeological and historical sites.
The area is of special scientific, educational and cultural interest with findings from Prehistoric, the Classical and Byzantine period (shipwrecks, old monasteries and churches).
In areas where access to general public is free, guests can become involved with the swimming, diving, observing wildlife, recreational photography and videography, visiting historic monuments, walking etc.

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Hydra is an island in the Saronic Gulf. With what name reportedly the capital and port of the island which is homonymous municipality, which numbered 2,719 inhabitants in the 2001 census, who this barren, engaged mainly in fishing and tourism. It is extremely picturesque and cosmopolitan island mansion.
 Especially popular destination for foreign tourists and Athenians, given the relatively short distance from the capital. It owes its name to the abundant water, gushing from the springs had in antiquity.

 She has significant maritime history and tradition. Restored mansions, the old picturesque port with its battlements and cannons, museums, monasteries, the naval academy, make up the image of the island, which is evidenced by the significant historical importance.

The town of Hydra, which is the only town of the island has been declared a preserved and the movement with cars, is spread over two rocky hills and is full of traditional houses with tiled roofs, heavy blue doors and windows. Hydra decades, is one of the favorite destinations of Greek and foreign episkepton.Sto island there are 300 churches and five monasteries. The most important celebration today in Hydra are Miaoulia which are three-day event dedicated to the action of Admiral Miaoyli and every year towards the end of June that are part of Naval week.

Hydra, more than all the Greek islands, inspired the Fine Arts. Famous Greek and foreign painters exhibited landscapes. Great artists such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall visited her and embossing designs strictly shape. It is no coincidence that Hydra's division of the School of Fine Arts from 1936 housed in the four-storey mansion Tompazi (west port)